A specialised denim house, born and bred in Sydney, House of Bubblegum produces locally designed garments in Australia with their Hub in Surry Hills.  They prides themselves on the fact that they are versatile in all walks of denims and their unconditional LOVE for DENIM. House of Bubblegum is unique in its design and delivery of denim and garments that compliment denim wear, once recognized never forgotten.


OTTO MODE is an emerging Australian women’s wear label with an emphasis on producing fashion forward designs. Drawing inspiration from travel, high-end designers, music and everyday life, the label exudes a beautiful confidence and unmistakable coolness.

Sunny Girl

Sunny Girl is one of Australia’s most well-known and popular fashion labels. A leader in delivering up to minute trends, inspired directly from the catwalks of the world, Sunny Girl translates inspiration into beautiful, wearable pieces to suit every occasion. The designers are passionate in their designing of wearable trends, without forgetting the quality of the styles. Let fashion guide you to a bright, new you in Sunny Girl.

Neon White

When the designers created Neon White, their idea was to have a place where they won’t need an excuse to be a fashion victim. The Neon White label doesn’t apologise, she can be brash, she can be brazen, and she is whatever she wants to be, whenever she feels like it!

Thus, established in 2011 out of the need to live a life outside the box, Neon White has quickly earned a name with less mainstream fashionista’s who are looking for a point of difference.

Garage Band

The Garage Band girl is exactly what the namesake implies. She is a music lover, vintage shopper, garage band starter, festival follower. She wished she was born in the 70’s and is a real hippie child at heart. She knows exactly what she wants to wear and she is not influenced by fashion, she is driven by music, poetry, nature and the world that surrounds her. Garage Band will dress you like a superstar on stage or as an unassuming artist strumming your guitar under the setting sun.

Kissing in the Rain

Once kissed never forgotten… K.I.T.R. is a label produced out of the need to express the beauty seen in everyday life and nature to bring to your closet. The designer trawls through nooks and corners to bring together ideas that balances finesse and function to ensure that each piece is made to make you feel special and beautiful.


Refuge Clothing shares the same soul and attitude as music. Their inspiration jumps from all walks of life. The aim is to keep you in the latest trends, but without breaking your bank account. With collections that are tight, like guitar strings, reflecting the struggle of everyday life. The designers at Refuge go beyond creating just an item of clothing to fulfil need and function. They are creating a lifestyle in every piece you wear.

Refuge’s ideology is to have Refuge Clothing become part of you….a built in attitude that is uniquely yours!